Kri Bekker

Wess Italia, Wizzo's distributor on the Italian market, was formed from the experience and imagination of a team of entrepreneurs who have worked in a wide range of businesses.

This experience and a great awareness of hygiene-related issues provided the inventiveness and technical capacities needed to highlight this great, totally new innovation, which is revolutionary in its extreme simplicity.

Wizzo meets a need that, up to now, the general public has not given much consideration to, perhaps because people are used to having an object - the toilet brush - ever present in bathrooms all over the world, even though it's outdated and dirty. And it has to be said that there wasn't a reasonably priced alternative on the market – until now. The inventiveness of the creators, even before the idea for Wizzo was hatched, was to understand that there was a need for something that did not yet exist and had to be created.