Advanced technology that transforms a simple touch into pure power

Kri Bekker

WIZZO is made exclusively out of hygienic, sophisticated, completely rust-proof materials. Marine grade stainless steel and anodized aluminium make up 90% of the product.

Next generation plastic materials complete an object featuring a lubricated sliding movement. These materials guarantee perfect functionality that lasts over time. Maintenance is kept down to a minimum and is limited to the addition of a little limescale remover to the water in the container when needed.

The limescale remover will take away any limescale residue and make WIZZO as efficient as new. In addition to recalling the shape of a flower and giving WIZZO a distinctive look, the slits in the top of the container are also designed to make it possible for water to enter it from any tap, without having to take the pump out in order to refill.

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