Kri Bekker

How to use

1 Fill your device's container with cold water. Products such as sodium hypochlorite/bleach, soaps, acids or strong bases (caustic soda) should not be used, nor should any other products not expressly authorized by the manufacturer, as they can damage the device irremediably and will void the warranty.

2 Fill up the device by triggering its special mechanism in one of the following ways: grab the rod immediately below the knob and press it down Or raise the bar and then let it fall by itself, as shown in the video. If the device has not been used for several hours, it should be loaded up again with method 1.

3 When WIZZO® is loaded, grab it like a bicycle pump, remove WIZZO® from the container, point it at the area where you want to direct the spray and push the rod. If you wish, you can activate the air-freshener function, by simply putting under the stainless steel top (which can be unscrewed) a piece of (non-waxed) cotton string moistened with the essence or perfume of your choice. The flow of air that passes through the small holes when the rod pulls back gives off a nice scent to the environment in which WIZZO® is being used.


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How to keep Wizzo Perfectly Efficient

If incrustations due to the limescale (present in the water) develop, remove them with the simple procedure outlined in part A

If the rod does not pull back more than 2/3 of the way, lubricate the system, as shown in part B.

If the tank is dirty, or if you just want to clean it, follow the steps outlined in section C

A Limescale. Fill the water container and pour in an egg-cup-sized dose of limescale remover. Put Wizzo in the container (WITHOUT TRIGGERING OR LOADING IT). Do not use it for at least two hours, then empty the contents of the WIZZO® container into the toilet and fill the container up again with clean water.

B Lubrication. Use a liquid, non-spray silicone oil. Do not use grease, Vaseline or oil for food or other uses. Otherwise, you can use outdoor lantern and torch fuel. Citronella oil works well. Trigger Wizzo so the knob pops up. Unscrew the top of the pump stem (not the knob!). Lift off the top and pull it up until it attaches itself to the magnet in the knob. Remove the cotton string. Pour 10 cc. of oil into the little tank through the holes (just a small bottle top full). Wait for the oil to drain through the holes. Clean the inside with paper so no residue oil touches the cotton string. Place the cotton string back into its position. Screw the top back to close the tank. Push the knob down a few times: the movement should become smooth again. Close Wizzo: done!

Check the video to see how to lubricate Wizzo in the right way.



C Cleaning. If, when you lift WIZZO® from its container, you find that is not perfectly clean, it may have been contaminated with some impurities present in the water. Just wash it and the container, using only warm water and soap, preferably low-foaming (with few surfactants).

Do not use steel wool or abrasives of any kind to clean the exterior of the pump or the container because they could get scratched and ruin the aesthetics. If WIZZO® is in a particularly humid environment, traces of oxide may appear on the surface of the upper steel top. To remove these small cosmetic imperfections, use a regular cleaner for steel, and don't rub it with steel wool or other objects that can scratch it or make it opaque.


Safety-general precautions

Wizzo is not a toy and must not be used by children under six. In order avoid accidents or damage, WIZZO® should never be pointed in the direction of people or objects, even as a joke or for fun. If the knob is accidentally unscrewed, the magnet below could come out and be swallowed by a child. The stainless steel knob can be damaged if dropped or hit.The device is not suitable for use with bleach/sodium hypochlorite, aggressive soaps, acids and strong bases or other additives. It must only be used cold water. The use of bleach, perfumes, detergents or other products which are not water can damage WIZZO® and will void its warranty. Furthermore, we point out that mixing more than one product for cleansing, cleaning or otherwise, even in they are freely available on the market, can cause dangerous chemical reactions and burns harmful to human health, even if only due to the development of vapours that can be released into the environment or inhaled.

WIZZO® is equipped with a small neodymium magnet visible under the knob Neodymium is a magnet and its misuse can cause problems. Coming into close contact with it can damage TVs and laptops, credit cards and cash cards, computer media, mechanical watches, hearing aids, speakers and other similar devices. The magnet should not be placed near devices (including pacemakers) or other objects susceptible to magnetic fields, as they may be irreparably damaged. Warning to persons with pacemakers and defibrillators A magnet placed close to the heart can affect the functioning of pacemakers and implantable defibrillators. A pacemaker could switch into test mode and cause illness. A heart defibrillator may stop working. If you are wearing of one of these devices, keep a safe distance of over 30 cm from the magnet. Warn others who wear these devices not to get close to the magnets.


The following characteristics are normal and do not mean there is a malfunction:

The firing pin (pivot protruding from the toe) is not fixed, but it moves slightly;

When you press to release the water jet, a few drops fall from the bottom (they fall in the toilet);

The knob does not go all the way to the end (it is designed to slow down and stop without hitting the bottom);

In the initial period of use, you cannot immediately eliminate completely the dirt under the water surface: WIZZO® is easy to use, but it takes a few days to learn how to hit the dirt under the water surface with precision (due to the problem of diffraction);

Limescale or other stains that traditional toilet brushes cannot remove cannot be removed by WIZZO® either

If the the piston stroke extends to less than two thirds of the length, then it is necessary to lubricate (see part B of "How to keep Wizzo perfectly efficient ").


Returns and warranty

The warranty is for the device and the water container to function for 2 (two) years. The customer has the right to exercise the "satisfaction guaranteed" or money back clause for 15 days from the date of purchase: if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return WIZZO® and obtain a refund of the price paid after delivering your device whole and undamaged in the original packaging and accompanied by a receipt or invoice as proof of the purchase.